What We Offer

As a licensed real estate agent and luxury vacation rental company owner since 2004 I have more experience and expertise than my competitors. I am able to maintain one of the highest occupancy rates in the industry. Rather than hiring salespeople with less experience and knowledge to communicate with prospects and clients as most other companies do, my wife and I, the company owners, handle all communication. We are not your “average” vacation rental company that strives to represent as many homes as possible. By having a very specific focus (Luxury homes near the beach with a minimum of 5 bedrooms) and representing a handful of “select” houses we are able to attract a great deal of business which keeps our houses full year round. 

We would assist you with the following:

  • Consult with you regarding the best way to set up/furnish the house in order to attract the most business
  • Advertise your house globally on multiple websites- including our own- to obtain bookings
  • Market your house to our existing customer base of over 8,000 clients.
  • Provide a Property Manager
  • Provide professional cleaning after every stay (guests pay for cleaning)

No involvement is required by you. Just sit back and receive payments from us! No time or energy is required on your part to operate the vacation rental.
You would be able to use the house personally whenever you wanted.

Warm regards,

Bret Tuckman
(954) 980-5995

We only accept inquiries from luxury properties. There is limited availability.

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